Wednesday, April 13, 2011

My Homework - Final Project

I'm not really sure of the scope of the assignment so I am submitting two final project ideas.

Project 1

A group of friends of mine are seeking to create a Orange County Anime Convention and have approached me to create a simple website that would outline the scope of the convention and supply information for potential sponsors and affiliates. At present the website does not exist, so this is not a redo but  a from scratch website. I have been given a Word document with several pages of content that is to be divided into main and sub categories.

I have broken the information into these categories:
Home (Welcome, News)
Registration (Attendees, Volunteers)
Advertising Sales (Advertisements, Sponsorship Program)
Programming (Events: Cosplay, AMV Contest, Fan Video Contest. Guests) 
Travel (Hotels, Restaurants)

The purpose of this site would be to present information to potential attendees and affiliates. Parts of the site such as Registration will have information but will not be fully interactive.

Project 2
Shaffer Sealing

This site would be a redo. I would use the current content and reorganize it in a way that is better, specifically easier to read and superior in design. In addition I might include some more images that I would supplied to me by the client.

About the website:
Shaffer Sealing is an asphalt sealing company located in Truckee, California. The website is for potential and current customers to understand more about the company, what they do and how.  The site will be divided into 4 sections:
Welcome (basic pitch)
How (what happens when you hire Shaffer Sealin)

In addition a portion of the website explains another aspect of the business which is snow removal.  I will also be incorporating this information into the Shaffer Sealing website.

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