Wednesday, April 6, 2011


1. Get the book
2. The topic for final project website (an informational site)
the content needs to lend itself to being chopped up into subtopics
needs to have pictures because it will have image galleries
3. turn in a half page description of your site: that addresses the kinds of content, how you might organize the information, and the image gallery
4. read the chapter and take notes on the reading (you can use these notes on tests)
5. Do the following tutorials from Chapter 2. For each tutorial, create a separate file with a
filename as indicated below.
NOTE: Please type out the code yourself. You need the practice! DO NOT simply cut and
paste the code from the download site into your files. You will learn nothing, not understand
the concepts, and will probably fail the class. DO THE WORK, and you’ll learn it!
o Using Variables to Create Messages – pg 53 (name your file:
o Asking for Information – pg 54 (name your file: yourlastname_information.html)
o Writing to a Web Page Using Arrays – pg 67 (name your file:

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