Wednesday, April 13, 2011


Read “Chapter 3 – Adding Logic and Control to Your Programs” from “Javascript: The Missing
Manual”. A PDF of this chapter is located on the class website (listed above).
• Take notes on the reading.
• Do the following tutorials from Chapter 3. For each tutorial, create a separate file , named
as indicated below. (You may create your own file, or you can use the UNFINISHED versions
of the files that you can download from the book website.)
NOTE: Please type out the code yourself. You need the practice! DO NOT simply cut and
paste the code from the download site into your files. You will learn nothing, not understand
the concepts, and will probably fail the class. DO THE WORK, and you’ll learn it!
o Using Conditional Statements – pg 86 (lastname_conditional.html + js files as
o Do/While – revise earlier tutorial – pg 96 (lastname_do.html + js files as needed))
o Mini‐Tutorial (on Functions) – pg 99 (lastname_minitut.html + js files as needed))
o A Simple Quiz – pg 106 (lastname_quiz.html + js files as needed))

Finish the LAB

var input = prompt('How much money do you have to spend on lunch at Disneyland?');

var cash = Number(input);

if (cash == 2 &&  cash < 3 ) {
    document.write("Vending Machine Soda") }
else if (cash >= 3 && cash < 5 ) {
    document.write("You can get a Churro") }
else if (cash >=5 && cash < 10) {
    document.write("Kids Hamburger from Tomorrowland Terrace") }
else if (cash >=10 && cash < 20) {
    document.write("Chicken Basket from Frontierland")}
else if (cash >=20) {
    document.write("Goofy's Kitchen")}
else if (cash <2) {
    document.write ("get more money")}
else  {
    document.write ('<p>You entered '  + input + ' You did not enter the dollar amount correctly.</p><p>For example: If you have $5.22, please simply enter 5.22')}

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